Thanks for checking out our free Growth Accelerator training. I think you are going to love it! 

This is a fresh, powerful approach to help you go from struggling to scaling by getting more leverage, and by attracting a constant stream of ideal clients which will help you grow your revenue in your ventures. 

As you may know, we run an online academy for entrepreneurs and conscious change agents as well as a marketing firm that specializes in helping small businesses attract ideal clients and grow sustainably. 

As part of your free subscription on our mailing list, you can expect a series of free training videos and tools that will help you attract clients and grow your conscious venture quickly. 

How to Get the Most Out of These Free Resources:

1) Check out the second training video on Cultivating Conscious Success, where I drill down more deeply into the topics introduced in this first video, including: a powerful tool to find leverage in your business immediately, how to target your audience for a self-funding ad campaign, and how to craft compelling offers and marketing messages that make it easy for your ideal customers to say yes to you offers. 

2) If you have questions—and you probably will—you can also chat with me 1:1 in a "Growth Accelerator Breakthrough Session." See schedule below! These one-on-one consultations are absolutely free. We will spend at around thirty minutes brainstorming and strategizing with you, going over the components you already have and discussing the components you are working on to kickstart growth (based on your niche, background, your current situation, what you've tried, and what you already have to work with). I follow a "no-selling" philosophy, so you can relax knowing that I'm not going to try to sell you anything! If at the end of the consultation, if you want to learn about services my firm offers to help implement any of the strategies or tactics we discuss, I can share that info with you. We are here to serve, and to share info. You decide how you want to implement the strategies and tactics we discuss. 

3) I am offering some small-group Growth Accelerator Workshops that I conduct on my Zoom video conference bridge. I will limit these workshops to a very small group of people so that I can answer everyone's questions and give you specific, individualized feedback on your conscious venture (leverage, marketing strategy, automation tools and so on). Watch your email for announcements of the new free workshop series.  
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Remember to watch for email from me. Please add me to your list of contacts (or in Gmail drag my email message into your Main Folder to let Google know you want these messages). I will send additional short training videos, tips and tools to help you kickstart the growth of your conscious ventures. These additional free training videos will drill down further into the accelerator strategies and tactics I have introduced in the first video. 
A massive thank you for the beautiful "lead magnet" eGuide you and your team helped me create! Thanks so much for all the work you have done on this project. I can't believe how great it looks. You have really gone the extra mile here. 

- Chris Roberts, Business Coach
Brett and his marketing team have been a total blessing in my life. His clear, down-to-earth style of explaining complex marketing concepts in an easy to grasp style is so helpful. Brett helped me get unstuck and as a result of taking the action he suggested, my business now has amazing momentum! I’m doing social media marketing, making new offers to new clients, getting clients, and even planning my first retreat. Brett’s mentorship made made all the difference in my business. I highly recommend working with Brett and his team of conscious marketing experts any chance you get!

- Jana Martinez - Healer, Teacher and Coach
I can't tell you how much I really enjoy and appreciate what Brett and his team have done with these conscious business and marketing programs. His synthesis and integral framing of business and marketing fundamentals is extremely valuable. Highly recommended!

- Chris Jones, Business Broker and Consultant
Brett's conscious marketing help has been invaluable. I learned what I didn't know and needed to look into. I got instant feedback from Brett and his team as to the best choices for outsourcing, technology, hosting, etc. A huge blessing because each investigation could have taken me days and still have been a gamble. I used many of the excellent materials offered to structure my thinking around the business and really drill down into what was important. The tools and the coaching and consulting were very focused. An enormous time saver and confidence builder!

- Lynn Royster, PhD., Integral Consultant & Coach
Without doubt, one of the most major unlocking moves for my business has been working with Brett and his team to develop my business model and implement my sales and marketing funnel. As a fine artist, Brett has helped me significantly increased my income and helped me position my career for massive growth and success in the coming years. I highly recommend Brett and his team.

- Louis Parsons, Fine Artist
Working with Brett has been invaluable in birthing my new iteration of my work in the world. The experience it provides of authentic relating is deeply soul-filling. There is no amount of money or success in the world as meaningful as that of being understood and accepted for where you are in consciousness and the chance to supported in being one's authentic self. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing in the world.

- Wendy Foxworth, Conscious Relationship Teacher and Coach
Brett, The tools and perspectives, along with the community you've developed are a real godsend for coaches like me who have something to offer, but didn't quite how how to offer it. Your business and marketing teaching and tools have really helped me. Thank you!

- Gord Theo, Leadership and organizational coach and consultant
Brett and his team are so incredibly generous with their illuminating training and business-grounding tools. Very essential process/systems support for those of us with big dreams who want to help people and positively impact the planet. And he has surrounded himself with an awesome community of like-minded people to work with. If you want more conscious business success, I highly recommend Brett's coaching and programs. 

- Susan Lucci, Human Development Coach and Facilitator
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